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How We Got Started 


I have been a machinist for 32 years and I have always made the things that I needed and usually end up modifying the things I buy one way or the other.  I built a 34 Ford street rod pick up from the ground up.  I used to fish when I was younger but work got in the way.

A few years ago I met a few new friends that got me back into fishing and fishing for CRAPPIE! is my favorite.  As usual,  I needed this and that so I made things I needed for my boat.  Then some one sees what I made for myself and they want one.  I often hear,  

" I need this or that can you me make one".





    Terry Pool

    5starCan't beat the quality. The man is PICKY about everything he makes.

    I like that cause I'm picky too!

    October 6, 2015