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American made from 6061 Aluminum ABS plastic and cold finish steel powder coated black. Mounts onto out board engine or jack plate. Easy deploy and re tracks with the pull of a rope.
Paddle is 20''x 32'' That's over 2 1/2 square feet of surface in the water of each paddle at full deployment to slow you down. Each paddle has a half deployment and full deployment positions.
Paddle pins onto the brackets that are mounted directly to the jack plate for easy and quick removal for storage. Each paddle deploys individually by manually pulling the rope. Each paddle re tracks buy pulling the rope up easily and it will snap into the up position. Easily pull the pin in the photo to remove paddle from your boat. Store in a compartment or just lay them on the deck.
Pin can be exchanged for a padlock. (padlock not included)

Paddles mount to the Manual jack plate. If your boat doe's not have a jack plate The Drift'R Paddle bracket NON jack plate mounting kit will be needed.

DO NOT deploy with the big motor running. These paddles are not designed to be used at HIGH speeds. DO NOT run down the lake at high speeds with out tying the the paddles in the up position. You need to have a rope connected to the frame and then connected to the boat deck. DO NOT pull down the high way at high speeds.

Drift'R Drift Paddle set

  • Paddles are CNC machined on American made Haas CNC machines in the middle of the corn fields of Illinois. 

    Made from 6061 aluminum powder coated black  assembled with stainless steel and brass hardware

  • If for any reason you are not happy with are products or quality at the time you recieve them you may return them to Corn Field Crappie Gear within 10days of purchace for a full refund.